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Re: MIPS64EL port box is ready for use (Was: mips64el port build failed list)

On 29 October 2013 11:50, YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com> wrote:
> Nice. Can I ask which board that is? I have some boards reserved for me in
> Loongson that I am highly likely to purchase, and suspect (but would like to
> confirm) that they are the same board that you are using. I will also check
> on any further availability. If I can I will donate one/some of these for
> Debian as well.
I prefer that you don't purchase this model of board: I can even not
use the power
button of chassis. Maybe that you can purchase a newer model.
Thanks for the heads up - but, which board is it? ;-) Do you have a model/reference number so I can check if the ones I am offered are the same as the one you have? I have found a few different ones via google. I would suspect you have athe 3A-RS780 board:

rather than the dual-SoC LS3-CCNUMA-DEV board

but maybe you have something completely different ?

If  IPMI is available, it will be much better.

IPMI would be lovely, but I'm not sure we can locate a board right now with that - so, we may have to fix remote management with a remotely controlled power/reset box - I believe they exist (something else I've been looking into). If the DSA already use some then I'd be interested to hear which :-)

> Much though I would love to say go with MIPS64R2, I suspect for the main
> debian-ports.org upload that is not the best single choice. The Loongson 2F
> cores are MIPSIII I believe, as are some other platforms. I have a suspicion
> that some of the Broadcom chips for instance are MIPS32R1.
> I would suggest that we go with MIPSIII for the first mips64le upload, and
> then we can work on MIPS32R2 for the 'unofficial ports' to begin with. What
> do you think ?
It is also my opinion. Use MIPSIII can make more people use it, and we can
work with some of other unofficial ports.

Hey, agreement! :-)
>> Thanks for all of the people helped me to make this project be realized:
>> Eleanor Chen, Aron Xu,  Anthony Fok, Fuxin Zhang from Lemote and lots
>> of other people.
> You have my thanks as well :-)
>> --
>> YunQiang Su
> Graham
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YunQiang Su

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