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MIPS64EL port box is ready for use (Was: mips64el port build failed list)

After more than half of a year's hard work, we have the mips64el port
almost done.
Now we have more than 7600 packages build successfully.
The current build status can be found in http://vip.moonux.org/attempted/

Now I get a new board and give it 18GiB DDR3 memory and 1TB hardisk.
Most important is that it is running a Debian Unstable, MIPS64EL.

Anyone has need to port package(s) can apply a account.
Please post me your ssh public key signed by a trust-able PGP key.

I also working on make a rootfs to make it easy to install this port.

Here we still have 2 problems:
   1. I believe that it is time of use to talk about how to make this
port to debian-ports.org.
        Anyone can help us?
   2. Which ISA  to be used for this port when it is in debian-ports.
        Now we use mips64r2 with tune loongson3a.
        Should we downgrade ISA requirement to mips3 or mips64?

Thanks for all of the people helped me to make this project be realized:
Eleanor Chen, Aron Xu,  Anthony Fok, Fuxin Zhang from Lemote and lots
of other people.

YunQiang Su

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