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serial console on Longsoon 2E (was: porterboxes vs. qemu)

* yanhua (yanh@lemote.com) [100209 10:58]:
> setvga 0
> should do the right thing for you.

Thanks. However, it didn't work for me. While trying to test why, I
noticed that "test 512" produced an timeout with serial 1 and serial
0. This could of course explain well why the serial console doesn't work.

Also the serial terminal didn't work inside of Linux.

A quick optic inspection didn't reveal any problems, but I'm definitly
not an hardware technician.

Any "typical" hints for me? Also, where is the second serial port
(looks like any of J1 or J3, but without an english hardware manual
that's a bit though for me to find out)? Perhaps I can use that port


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