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Re: porterboxes vs. qemu

* fxzhang (fxzhang@ict.ac.cn) [100204 03:00]:
>> AIUI the systems I mentioned in my other email (the ones waiting to
>> stabilise correctly) are Lemote Fuloongs.
> It has been solved for quite some time. A binutils patch will do the  
> work. Lemote uses build farm of Fuloong daily stably.

I have a few questions. I'm using an 2E board, and Firmware is PMON
2000 2.1 (Bonito) #2: 2008-...

The console is vga, even though the novga variable is set in the bios.
How can I use the serial interface? devls displays only disk and
ifnet. However according to stty there is a tty0 and a tty1.

Next, how can I make sure that the system starts running after the
power comes up? It seems to be necessary that I start the system by

Also, how can I delay of bootup? "bootdelay=5" didn't help (in the


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