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Re: porterboxes vs. qemu

fxzhang 写道:

I have a few questions. I'm using an 2E board, and Firmware is PMON
2000 2.1 (Bonito) #2: 2008-...

The console is vga, even though the novga variable is set in the bios.
How can I use the serial interface? devls displays only disk and
ifnet. However according to stty there is a tty0 and a tty1.
devls does not list tty
Next, how can I make sure that the system starts running after the
power comes up? It seems to be necessary that I start the system by
Sorry I does not remember the details. Setting some reigsters of the southbridge RTC... Qianyuli or yanhua, please share the method for Fuloong 2E to autopowerup.
For your question, I have something to confirm. Do you want to auto power on when your adapter is connected or you want to pmon auto start kernel when you power on the machine.

1. If it is the first case: you can do the following command after you come to pmon console
  set autopower 1
2. if it is the second case. you need to set 'al' (meaning to autoload) environment variable. set al /dev/fs/ext2@wd0/boot/vmlinux or any other that points to your kernel path.
Also, how can I delay of bootup? "bootdelay=5" didn't help (in the
Not sure about the version. Also my colleagues might give better help

the bootdelay is hard coded to let you enter some key to pmon console.


If the are any question. please let me or qian know.


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