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Re: porterboxes vs. qemu

Andreas Barth 写道:
* yanhua (yanh@lemote.com) [100209 09:38]:
fxzhang 写道:
1. If it is the first case: you can do the following command after  
you come to pmon console
  set autopower 1
This feature is introduced in which version? 2E Fuloong might not  
support this.
For 2E fuloong, the version is not defined. one thing that can confirm   
the feature in late 2E + 686 box.
It doesn't work here. If I need to upgrade the pmon, please tell me
where I can get a current firmware image.

Also, do you have any idea how I can get pmon to use the serial
console? (This is actually more important than the autopower, as I
have an "hardware patch" for that.)

setvga 0

should do the right thing for you.

I remember that in 2E box, it can not switch console by environment var setting.




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