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Re: porterboxes vs. qemu

fxzhang 写道:

1. If it is the first case: you can do the following command after you come to pmon console
  set autopower 1
This feature is introduced in which version? 2E Fuloong might not support this.
For 2E fuloong, the version is not defined. one thing that can confirm the feature in late 2E + 686 box.
2. if it is the second case. you need to set 'al' (meaning to autoload) environment variable.
  set al /dev/fs/ext2@wd0/boot/vmlinux
  or   any other that points to your kernel path.
Also, how can I delay of bootup? "bootdelay=5" didn't help (in the
Not sure about the version. Also my colleagues might give better help

the bootdelay is hard coded to let you enter some key to pmon console.


If the are any question. please let me or qian know.


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