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Re: (No Subject)

On 2021-05-21 8:25 a.m., Hunter Wittenborn wrote:
>> I'm asking myself how many package are only available in Arch and 
> in Debian.
> Support for Arch Linux packages on Debian was a byproduct of makedeb,
> but the main goal is to just provide an alternative to the Debian source
> package format.
> On the topic of Arch Linux though, makedeb (and more specifically a side
> project for it) gives support for the AUR, which has /quite/ a few
> packages not available in the Debian repos (most notably those with
> license issues).
> I also use it to get some up-to-date packages from the Arch repositories
> on my Ubuntu system, which helps to avoid a ton of extra repositories
> and PPAs.
I can understand your use but like I've just had a long talk on the
debian-user mailing list, building "franken-debian" cause many problem
with support.

There's one reason why Debian offer more stability over many other
distributions of Linux. It's because the review process is long and
complete, that it ensure there's not breaking change done and not subtle
bugs that arise.

So by creating a system that "only you may have" make it impossible for
other to reproduce errors you may have and leave yourself much on your own.

Everything is related to a balance between choices.
You get all the latest bell and whistles or
You get something stable and tested

> Regardless of all that though, I think I got what I need to be able to
> start somewhere.
> Again, thanks for the help.

Polyna-Maude R.-Summerside
-Be smart, Be wise, Support opensource development

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