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> If yes, then try to build it from its source. Then it can be published in main

> Why are you putting the package in non-free ?
> What license did you put your software under ?

makedeb is licensed under the GPL3 license.

The goal was to be able to just distribute the binary form of the packages, as that's all that I get/use when I build it myself (the helper application, makepkg, handles all the source files, and the rest is just built into a binary package with makedeb itself).

> There's rule regarding GPL software and packaging that must be followed...

I was looking at the following in the Debian Policy, which was leading me to believe it would be fine:

"The non-free archive area contains supplemental packages intended to work with the Debian distribution that do not comply with the DFSG or have other problems that make their distribution problematic."

In this case the problems would be lack of a source package. Is there someplace else that says GPL programs have to be distributed under source packages?

> I'd also suggest that you publish your package somewhere on a public server.

As per the repository on GitHub, I've also got a repository and a complimentary signing key set up. Albeit the repository itself is managed through an Artifactory-type program, I'm decently knowledgeable on the layout of Debian repositories themselves.

I do think I need to get my package set up to be compliant though, such as the section and priority for it, but I don't see that taking more than a few minutes to set everything in the control file.

Let me know if any of you have comments or feedback on anything.

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