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Re: Determining native or non-native package inside pbuilder

"Daniel Moerner" <dmoerner@gmail.com> writes:

> Actually, most of the vcs-based package builders look in ../tarballs.
> Git-buildpackage looks there if pristine-tar is not being used to
> manage building, as does bzr-builddeb.

Indeed, I mostly use the '${VCS}-buildpackage' commands, which is why
I am accustomed to upstream source appearing in '../tarballs/'. I had
expected 'pbuilder' (and, by extension, 'pdebuild') to behave the

> However, these are only wrappers around dpkg-buildpackage, and tell
> it where to look for the source.

I can't see any option on the 'dpkg-buildpackage' manpage to tell it
the location of the upstream source tarball. What option do I need?

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