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Re: RFS: teeworlds

2008/4/15, Jack Coulter <jscinoz@gmail.com>:

>  Matricks also asked me to post his remarks on the licensing situation:
>  [...]

Well, he seems a reasonable one in the end. I'm sorry for my hard
words in my previous mails, he didn't deserve them. He seems a bit
burn out, I think we could make him cheer up a bit if he sees that
people actually appreciate their game and that they like playing it. I
have the feeling that some developers burn out because they only get
complains and negative feedback, while the big amount of people that
appreciate their work is often silent.

As I said, I'm really sorry for my rudeness in my previous mails, I
don't think he deserved it and in fact he just got the blame for some
previous fightings with other upstreams that had nothing to do with
him, that same way that we seemed to get the blame for previous
fighting about their license in which we were not involved. I'll try
to be more careful next time. Thanks to Charles Plessy for making me
rethink about it. I consider all this issue to be finished and closed
on my side.


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