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Re: first package pcftisio

On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 10:41:03AM +0100, Cedric BRINER wrote:
> > > > > I'm waiting for his response.
> > > > Great, thanks :)
> > > still waiting...
> stil waiting :(
> > >     o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.changes.asc : ???
> what stands for .asc suffix ?
Oops, I couldn't find one on my system, which is why I forgot to fill
it in.  I think its a detached cryptographic signature, I guess for
the .changes file (right?).

> > Yes.  The clean target should leave the tree in the state it was before the
> > build started.  This means:
> > - Any debian-specific patches are applied (they end up in the .diff.gz).
> >   Usually this includes the whole debian/ directory.
> > - Any generated files which were present in the original tarball, to which the
> >   (generated) changes should not be in the diff.gz should be deleted.  That
> >   way they are ignored by the diff.  This can be used for example for
> >   Makefile.in (and the rest of the autotools junk) when running the autotools
> So this mean that I can't let the setup.cfg modified.
This part of policy is probably "interprettable"; you certainly have
to be able to build the package multiple times and end up with the
same thing (so, if you add a line to a file, you have to remove it
somewhere, or only add it conditionally).

Whereras the sed script is somewhat *elegeant* and describes the
changes in a way that might survive where a patch|diff would break, it
does end up storing the diff, also.

> remember the rules:
Yep; I see you moved them into the "install" target, which I guess
makes some sense.  But my preference would be to put it in the "build"
target instead, since it *also* uses setup.py.  (One advantage is that
if the sed script (if you keep it) breaks the python script, the
"build" will fail, earlier than "install" would have.

>     Description: python wrapper of libcftisio2
s/of/for/ (both times)

> to setup a repository was a pure nightmare...
Haha; well, I have only used the dpkg-scanpackages backend myself, and
so probably can't help much with apt-proxy..

> OT: I'd like that all the station, install/upgrade automatically the packages from my own
> OT: repository.
This will normally happen whenever your version number is greater than
any other version number for that package, in the sources you have
specified (I think).  Isn't this what you want, already without

> Should I put all the files in the same repertory in the future. Because I'm planning to debianize some others
> softwares rellated to the astromy field.
>   wcstools: http://tdc-www.harvard.edu/wcstools/
>   gildas: http://www.iram.es/IRAMFR/GILDAS/
> So, what is the recommended way to hierarchize the source packages and to put them after that in a repository.
Hmm do the different repository tools have options for this?  I guess
it depends on how many packages you are going to build; of course you
can look at the Debian layout:


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