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Re: first package pcftisio

> > I'm waiting for his response.
> Great, thanks :)
still waiting...

ok I think that I start understanding what is a makefile and how works the debianization.

so let met tell you what I've done, and correct me if I'm wrong.
# put the tarball in the conventional way
mv pCFITSIO-0.99.2.tar.gz python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz
tar xzf python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz
mv pCFITSIO-0.99.2 python-cfitsio-0.99.2

# debianize it
cd python-cfitsio-0.99.2
dh_make -s --file ../python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz -e cedric.briner@obs.unige.ch

# modify the files control, copyright and rules

# create the debian source

cd to the directory which hold the python-cfitsio-0.99.2
dpkg-source -b python-cfitsio-0.99.2 

    * {i} this will create
      o from :
        + python-cfitsio-0.99.2/
        + python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz
      o the files :
        + python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1.diff.gz containing the differences
        between the tar and directory
        + python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1.dsc describing the package

# build the package
cd python-cfitsio-0.99.2/
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b

 * {i} this will create
    o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.deb : the package to install
    o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.changes : the files changes of the packages
    o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.changes.asc : ???


the error that I've mentionned in my previous email, was that after making a
cd python-cfitsio-0.99.2/
fakeroot debian/rules binary
fakeroot debian/rules clean
cd ..
dpkg-source -b python-cfitsio-0.99.2
and that I was having thi directory : python-cfitsio-0.99.2/build
 -sould this one be located here after the compilation
 -or should this one be deleted adfer fakeroot debian/rules clean

now I'm having an other problem that I hope I solved..(is that correct?)
dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends}
so, what I've understand is that there is no such way do this for python
package. Even for a shared object used by
this module( /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/pcfitsio.so) ??
so I've modified the control file by adding a key to Depends:
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, libcfitsio2 #${misc:Depends}

I've got also:
gpg: skipped "cedric briner
is that mandatory to make it work ?

I've saw a package that was able to create, but I don't rememeber from where:
from the same debian source. Should I do this ?

so If I'm done, I'm just waiting for the email of the program's author to submit
this package to debian-mentors ?



Geneva - Switzerland

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