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Re: first package pcftisio

On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 03:55:28PM +0100, Cedric BRINER wrote:
> hi,
> I'd like to package pcfitsio:
> http://panoramix.stsci.edu/~npirzkal/python/pcfitsio/
> I was thinking to rename it as: python-cfitsio.
> after searching for a copyright, I sent him an email about it:
>     HI,
>                                                                                                                                            Sorry for the delay...
>             There is not copyright on pCFITSIO. No guaranties either :-)
>             Cheers,
>             Nor                                                                                                                    
>     On Jan 26, 2006, at 4:19 AM, Cedric BRINER wrote:
>     >hi,
>     >
>     >I'm wanting to package your pCFITSIO module for debian. But for
>     >doing so, I need to know the copyright of your software. Could you
>     >please send me this information.
>     >
>     >Kindly
>     >
>     >Cedric BRINER
> so I was wondering, if such kind of 'NO COPYRIGHT' can be included in debian ?
Hi Cedric,

You should try to get some better response than this.  Creative works
are, by default, copyrighted.  At the very least you need to get the
author to send you an email (or make another release of the software)
stating that it is released into the "public domain", which is as
close to "no copyright" as you can get.  The alternative is for him to
assert a copyright on the software (simply by putting "Copyright (C)
200X-2006 Nor ...." in the source files), and including some license
statement to allow its distribution etc.  Commonly suggested licenses
are the X11/MIT license (a 'liberal' one), and the GPLv2 (a 'copyleft'

An upload without some kind of more formal grant of rights will (and
should) almost certainly be rejected; perhaps you can just explain
this to the author.

You can always create the package and distribute it locally, at IIRC,
Geneva Obs., and deal with formalities later.  Especially if the
author takes a long time to respond.  Who likes waiting!

Good luck!

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