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Re: first package pcftisio

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 01:42:18PM +0100, Cedric BRINER wrote:
> > > I'm waiting for his response.
> > Great, thanks :)
> still waiting...
> ok I think that I start understanding what is a makefile and how works the debianization.
> so let met tell you what I've done, and correct me if I'm wrong.
> -------%<-----
> # put the tarball in the conventional way
> mv pCFITSIO-0.99.2.tar.gz python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz
> tar xzf python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz
> mv pCFITSIO-0.99.2 python-cfitsio-0.99.2
> # debianize it
> cd python-cfitsio-0.99.2
> dh_make -s --file ../python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz -e cedric.briner@obs.unige.ch
> # modify the files control, copyright and rules
> # create the debian source
> cd to the directory which hold the python-cfitsio-0.99.2
> dpkg-source -b python-cfitsio-0.99.2 
Yes; this actually happens when you run dpkg-buildpackage, so you
don't have to do this step manually.

>     * {i} this will create
>       o from :
>         + python-cfitsio-0.99.2/
>         + python-cfitsio_0.99.2.orig.tar.gz
Yes; sometimes there is a temporary directory involved, I forget under
what circumstances.

>       o the files :
>         + python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1.diff.gz containing the differences
>         between the tar and directory
>         + python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1.dsc describing the package
Yes; "debian source changes".

>  * {i} this will create
>     o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.deb : the package to install
>     o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.changes : the files changes of the packages
>     o python-cfitsio_0.99.2-1_i386.changes.asc : ???

> the error that I've mentionned in my previous email, was that after making a
> cd python-cfitsio-0.99.2/
> fakeroot debian/rules binary
> fakeroot debian/rules clean
> cd ..
> dpkg-source -b python-cfitsio-0.99.2
> and that I was having thi directory : python-cfitsio-0.99.2/build
>  -sould this one be located here after the compilation
It almost certainly should; installation should probably "install"
things from here to ./debian/python-cfitsio/

>  -or should this one be deleted adfer fakeroot debian/rules clean
You must be able to build the package multiple times and get the same
result.  If the upstream "clean" doesn't remove generated files here,
you should do so yourself.

> now I'm having an other problem that I hope I solved..(is that correct?)
> dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends}
> so, what I've understand is that there is no such way do this for python
> package. Even for a shared object used by
> this module( /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/pcfitsio.so) ??
> so I've modified the control file by adding a key to Depends:
> Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, libcfitsio2 #${misc:Depends}
This is okay; you can also leave the misc:Depends there, and it will
simply expand to an empty variable.  Its unfortunate that there is a
warning.  You can read more at:

> I've got also:
> gpg: skipped "cedric briner
> is that mandatory to make it work ?
Not until you're a DD (if thats something you intend to do).

> I've saw a package that was able to create, but I don't rememeber from where:
> python2.3-foo
> python2.4-foo
> from the same debian source. Should I do this ?
I don't know if you should.  But it would be easy to find such a
package; just apt-cache search it then apt-get source...

> so If I'm done, I'm just waiting for the email of the program's
> author to submit this package to debian-mentors ?
I guess so; are you using the package yourself?  Do you have a local


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