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Re: Packaging of mailinglist archives

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> 0.1 would normaly mean it is an experimental version before the first
> release. 1.0 would be the first real release with that scheme. Some

I think I'll use this scheme then, right now everything is very
experimental and far from complete :-) And while creating them like
these I can get more familar with versioning packages.

> mkdir debian-user-german-200202-1
> cp mbox debian-user-german-200202-1
> tar -czf debian-user-german-200202_1_orig.tar.gz debian-user-german-200202-1

Hmm, but then it would be a non native package? If I get this right that
would mean that debian-user-german-200202-1 is a upstream version 1 and
and debian-user-german-200202_1_orig.tar.gz is the original version
gziped. Then creating debian-user-german-200202-1-1 for packaging is the
first debian version of this package and building a package for first
time will include anything and after that only the diffs.

But the package will have two version numbers in this case - one unused
upstream and the real debian-version.

> Try to get hold of lists.debian.orgs scripts for comparison.

I'll have a look :-)


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