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Re: Packaging of mailinglist archives

Hello, Goswin and others,

> You don't have a debian-user-german-200202.orig.tar.gz so the package
>  is detected as native package. That means that the full version 
> (200202-1) is taken as upstream version and the directory is expected
>  to be names such.

Ok :-) (learned at lot this weekend :)

> What you have done here is not strictly against policy but frowned 
> upon. You mixed a native package with a debian version.

Nah, even if it is not against the policy I won't like to start
packaging in a greyzone :-)

> I would suggest one of two things:
> 1) Use 200202.1 as upstream version keeping it a native package.
> 2) Create an orig.tar.gz with just the mbox and a diff.gz with the 
> debian dir and keep 200202-1.

Then I would choose 1) but what exactly I have to change? Acutally the
'source' is in a directory like


and in control there is a line like this

Source: debian-user-german-200202

and in changelog:

debian-user-german-999999 (.1) unstable; urgency=low

> The mbox files probably never change unless you start cencorship but
> the debian script might change. Having the two seperate allows for

Huh, now I'm confused. First, the mbox files 'should' never change
right, but I'm expecting that there are some mails with wrong date
headers or even missing at all that may be 'repaired' and so the archive
gets updated.

But which debian script do you mean? The ones that build the package?


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