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Re: Packaging of mailinglist archives

Jan Kesten <debian-lists@the-hidden-realm.de> writes:

> Hello :-)
>> That should be "./debian-user-200202-1" and "debian-user-german-200202
>> (1) unstable; urgency=low" then I think.
> Just a minute before your mail I tried following:
> ./debian-user-200202-0.1
> debian-user-german-200202 (0.1) unstable; urgency=low
> And that worked fine - it just a differnet numbering of versions that
> your suggestion. I think I'll use normal numbering like 1,2,3,.. for
> different versions.

0.1 would normaly mean it is an experimental version before the first
release. 1.0 would be the first real release with that scheme. Some
people like to have x.y so a minor update only increases y and a major
update increases x.

>> I guess such editing can happen but could be done with a patch file in
>> the diff.gz.
> That would mean that I need a .orig.tar.gz for each package just
> containing the tar'ed mbox file? How do I get this to work, since it
> makes sense to me not to upload the complete source for space reasons..

mkdir debian-user-german-200202-1
cp mbox debian-user-german-200202-1
tar -czf debian-user-german-200202_1_orig.tar.gz debian-user-german-200202-1

and use 1-1 as verion.

Note that this still uploads the same amount of source on the first
upload. Just subsequent upload (version 1-2) saves uploading the full
mbox again.

>> debian/postinst or e.g. an mbox-to-html.cgi script to read the mbox
>> through apache as html. But I guess that would be better in a common
>> mailinglist-reader package.
> Ok, I see. A cgi-interface for reading the archives is a quite good idea
> since my own scripts are cgis already ;-) If I have time, I will clean
> them up (they are quite quick-and-dirty) and improve them..

Try to get hold of lists.debian.orgs scripts for comparison.

> Cheers,
> Jan


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