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Re: RFS: fig2sxd

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 10:30:47AM +0100, Alexander Bürger wrote:
>> Anyhow, besides the fact I don't like your changelog entry for -2.1
>>  ( *" Fix packaging problem" - which? I know, but changelog is
>>    for documenting the actual changes....)
>> i'll see over this, the package otherwise is ok and uploaded.
>> Please write better changelog entries next time, though...
> Shall I add a comment in the changelog when the next upstream version /
> debian revision is coming? Maybe something like:
> clarification for 0.10-2.1: the "packaging problem"  of version 0.10-2
> consisted solely of using a wrong fig2sxd-0.10.orig.tar.gz for creating
> .diff.gz, .dsc, .changes and .deb.

Imho no, that is just too ugly. Either rectify history by shipping
a corrected changelog entry of 0.10-2.1 in 0.10-3 or let it be.
                  cu andreas

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