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Re: RFS: fig2sxd


> > > Argh. This is just plainly _wrong_. Read policy and developers reference
> > > about versioning what -2.1 actually means...
> >
> > I'm sorry, but I cannot find anything negative about 2.1 as debian
> > revision.
> It's not negative -- and every other aspect you mentioned is also true. What
> Rene meant is that this notation (Debian version including a dot ".") is
> reserved for non-maintainer uploads, NMUs.

Thanks. Now revision 3 is on sf.

I must admit that I skipped the NMU chapter. But still I do not find such
a statement that dots in debian revision are reserved. Chapter of
the developers-reference says "should add a new minor version number".
Does this imply that a minor version number may not exist before?

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