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Re: problem with ldconfig and packaging libs

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> This whole thread is absurd since the question was about someone
> running ldconfig in debian/rules, which is a big nasty no-no as well,
> and I can't think of a possible reason why it would be necessary.
The ldconfig was run by the "make install" of the original source
package. To make the links to the library.

ldconfig $(LIBS)

The original "make install" takes then everything from a local libs
directory (the $(LIBS) and links) and moves them to the /usr/local/lib.
To handle this, I have changed the original to say just:

/sbin/ldconfig -n $(LIBS)

Now the original "make install" can be called from debian/rules just
using the fakeroot. The correct links are created this way. From what I
understand, the postinst is run on the machine where the package is
installed. Therefore it seems normal to me to put a ldconfig there. So,
please make me understand this, as things starts to become more unclear
with any new letter. What do you propose me to do ?



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