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Re: problem with ldconfig and packaging libs

"Ionutz" == Ionutz Borcoman <borco@borco-ei.eng.hokudai.ac.jp> writes:
> Oscar Levi wrote:
>>  On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 06:22:47AM +0900, Ionutz Borcoman wrote: >
>> James Troup wrote: > > > > Ionutz Borcoman
>> <borco@borco-ei.eng.hokudai.ac.jp> writes: > > > > > If I run this
>> as root, how can I sign the package, as my pgp key was > > >
>> created for my personal account.  > > > > sudo is your friend.  > >
>> sudo says > > Sorry, user borco is not allowed to execute
>> "/sbin/ldconfig" as root on > borco-ei.eng.hokudai.ac.jp.
>> Read up on it.  Check the /usr/doc/sudo directory and the man
>> pages.

> I have found a better solution, with no sudo at all. I have simply
> changed the ldconfig to:

> /sbin/ldconfig -n

> It seems to do what I want.

Yes; I think the other advice was rather bad.  Either you want to
build with fakeroot, or you can really become root using super or sudo
(not sure how those have to be setup, but).  I know some have problems
with fakeroot (or it's successor in potato, libtricks) but most
x86-based developers tend to prefer it.

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