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Re: Statistics::PCA and friends

Hi Étienne,

On 2020-05-26 20:58, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> I believe the package for the Math::Cephes should be in good
> shape as well, if you, or someone else of the Perl team, wish
> to review it.

I gave your packaging a look and uploaded it after doing some adjustments to the d/copyright. You may review them in the packaging repository.

> For information, there are a few things which might be worth
> being aware of, at least:
>   * the Cephes library has copyrighted material which I'm
>     half comfortable with, although it is freely redistribuable,
>     and it has already been used in other Debian packages in the
>     past, it concerns the work of Stephen L. Moshier;

Embedded copies of the Cephes library are indeed abundant in the Debian archive. Thus I assume there should be no problem with yet another one. At some point it would be nice to deduplicate the code, but for time being I think this is OK.

>   * I'm under the impression the module should be rebuilt from
>     the swig file Cephes.i, but since the build time testing is
>     failing if I do so, I left lib/Math/Cephes.pm untouched for
>     the time being.

swig-generated bindings are also abundant in the Debian archive, and they do not seem to be frowned upon.

Thanks for the contribution!

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