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Re: Statistics::PCA and friends

On Tue, 19 May 2020 21:46:24 +0200, Étienne Mollier wrote:

> I had a look at the Debian Perl policy[1], and gave a try to the
> command dh-make-perl, following the nice recommendations of the
> Debian Med Team fellows, and have a few skeletons of packages,
> which still need a bit of work but are taking shape:
>   - libstatistics-pca-perl
>   - libmath-matrixreal-perl
>   - libmath-cephes-perl, although this one made me trigger a
>     discussion regarding copyright statements, and library
>     convenience copies on Debian Med list[2,3])
> I'm at a point where I understand it would be nice that a few
> more eyeballs should able to have a look at my hacks.  :)
> May I make use of the perl-team modules namespace to host the
> repositories for these modules ?  If necessary, my Salsa account
> is emollier.


I've just added you to the perl-team/modules group on Salsa, welcome aboard!

If you haven't done so yet, please take a look at our docs at or linked from
(especially policy.html and git.html)

policy.html is our team policy, and if you didn't run dh-make-perl
with --pkg-perl you will need to make some changes; or run it again
with this switch :)

For adding new packages, please use `dpt salsa pushrepo'.  The other dpt-*
tools might be helpful as well :)

Don't hesitate to ask any question on the mailing list or on IRC.


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