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Re: Statistics::PCA and friends

Hi Gregor,

gregor herrmann, on 2020-05-23 14:20:12 +0200:
> Thanks for your changes; I just pulled, made one tiny change and
> uploaded the package to NEW.

and thank you for your upload.  :)

I believe the package for the Math::Cephes should be in good
shape as well, if you, or someone else of the Perl team, wish
to review it.

For information, there are a few things which might be worth
being aware of, at least:
  * the Cephes library has copyrighted material which I'm
    half comfortable with, although it is freely redistribuable,
    and it has already been used in other Debian packages in the
    past, it concerns the work of Stephen L. Moshier;
  * I'm under the impression the module should be rebuilt from
    the swig file Cephes.i, but since the build time testing is
    failing if I do so, I left lib/Math/Cephes.pm untouched for
    the time being.

I don't know how much of a concern these points are, but for

Kind Regards,
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