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Re: Statistics::PCA and friends

On Wed, 27 May 2020 14:41:52 +0300, merkys@debian.org wrote:

> >   * I'm under the impression the module should be rebuilt from
> >     the swig file Cephes.i, but since the build time testing is
> >     failing if I do so, I left lib/Math/Cephes.pm untouched for
> >     the time being.
> swig-generated bindings are also abundant in the Debian archive, and they do not seem to be frowned upon.

In the perl team we are not very consistent; there are packages where
we regenerate them (or have them regenerated by removing the shipped
results) and others where we don't because we missed them or because
it's too painful etc.

% grep swig */debian/rules
libdevice-cdio-perl/debian/rules:	# mv shipped .pm files away to ensure that the swig-generated ones
libmath-gsl-perl/debian/rules:	# .c files in xs/ are rebuilt from swig input files

% grep swig */debian/control
libdevice-cdio-perl/debian/control:               swig
libmath-gsl-perl/debian/control:               swig
libtext-bidi-perl/debian/control:               swig


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