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Re: Using recent packages on stable systems (Was: Depends available in other PPA's)

On Fri, 09 Mar 2018, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > > > - a lot of people are going to show up running ubuntu.� What might you all
> > > > recommend?� In theory ubuntu people could add debian testing to
> > > > `apt/sources.list.d`.
> > > I do not think that it is a good idea to mix Debian testing with Ubuntu
> > > randomversion.  IMHO the most sensible way to go would be to use the
> > > backporting system the NeuroDebian team has developed.  They are doing
> > > automatic backports to Debian stable / oldstable and several Ubuntu
> > > versions.  Its a real pitty that this nifty system is only used by
> > > NeuroDebian and nobody took the time to make this a bit more generic to
> > > make it useful for all Blends (NeuroDebian team are basically two very
> > > kind and helpful but totally overworked people who will not spent their
> > > time to port their scripting system for any other use - so we are on our
> > > own if we want to use it).
> > Hmm... the 'Get NeuroDebian' section at neuro.debian.net does look nice.

> +1

> > I don't suppose the code for the backporting system is hosted at a
> > particular place that I could take a look at?� Since I am new I probably
> > couldn't/shouldn't do much, but I would be interested in taking a look.

> NeuroDebian members usually are reading this list but I'm CCing their
> list explicitly hereby.  I guess it will be in some public Git repository
> which you can clone and enhance.

moreover it is just an

   apt-get install neurodebian-dev

away from you :-)   Also in git at:
so choose your poison

A few bullet points relating to it

- our distributed and still used by me system is aged but still works.
  Michael has/is using a newer version
  he came up with for scheduling builds using condor etc.

- the core backporting helper (backport-dsc) is aged  but still
  working.  It was "offered" to be included to devscripts
  but it never happened.

  That one allows to automate creating backport source package, possibly
  while also applying distro specific patches (quite often that is what
  keeps me remaining benevolent maintainer for some packages since
  others prefer to not have any additional non-debian patches within
  Debian source package)

- nd_backport  is just a wrapper around backport-dsc to provide
  neurodebian specifics

- nd_build  is to build a (backported) source package on any cowbuilder

- nd_build4allnd  wrapper/looper around nd_backport and nd_build to
  build on all "supported" Debian/Ubuntus given an original .dsc file

here is an elderly howto which might still work 90%-100% of the way

hope this helps
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