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Re: Depends available in other PPA's


    I'm Ben Redelings (http://ben-redelings.org) and I've recently joined debian-med on salsa.  I've been thinking about uploading some new phylogenetics / bioinformatics software, partly so that I can tell students in workshops "just type sudo apt-get install <packages> if you are running debian or ubuntu".

    For this use case, I probably can't tell everyone to run debian testing - a lot of people are going to show up running ubuntu.  What might you all recommend?  In theory ubuntu people could add debian testing to `apt/sources.list.d`. I have no idea how much conflict that would cause - perhaps ubuntu users could set the priority of testing to something lower than ubuntu in apt/preferences.

    I could also try to make my own PPA called bredelings/bioinformatics or something like this, and only maintain packages that I am interested in...



On 03/08/2018 07:59 AM, Tony Travis wrote:

On 08/03/18 11:37, Andreas Tille wrote:
I admit I personally consider maintaining that PPA a nightmare and I
personally will not spent any time on it any more (since our the last
Ubuntu instance of the users I need to care for was replaced by a pure
Debian system).  You really need to expect outdated, unmaintained and
untested software in this PPA and I wonder whether we should really
advertise it if nobody really cares.  And sorry, no, I do not consider
uploads of random packages at the latest sprint "real care" if there
is no bugtracker support, no testing, etc. done.
Hi, Andreas.

OK, if everyone agrees that this PPA is now redundant I'll abandon any
attempt to make use of it in Bio-Linux and, from my point of view, the
PPA can be deleted.

I'm tempted to remove all of my own uploads to a) make more space which
is obviously needed and b) do not feel realiable for breaking any users
At present, the Debian-Med Ubuntu PPA is not used in Bio-Linux 8.0.8.
The only systems that will break if you remove your packages are mine
and I'll fix them. Please go ahead and remove your packages and, if you
think the PPA is now redundant/harmful I think it should be deleted.



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