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Re: Using recent packages on stable systems (Was: Depends available in other PPA's)


On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 03:26:11PM -0500, Benjamin Redelings wrote:
> > > - a lot of people are going to show up running ubuntu.  What might you all
> > > recommend?  In theory ubuntu people could add debian testing to
> > > `apt/sources.list.d`.
> > I do not think that it is a good idea to mix Debian testing with Ubuntu
> > randomversion.  IMHO the most sensible way to go would be to use the
> > backporting system the NeuroDebian team has developed.  They are doing
> > automatic backports to Debian stable / oldstable and several Ubuntu
> > versions.  Its a real pitty that this nifty system is only used by
> > NeuroDebian and nobody took the time to make this a bit more generic to
> > make it useful for all Blends (NeuroDebian team are basically two very
> > kind and helpful but totally overworked people who will not spent their
> > time to port their scripting system for any other use - so we are on our
> > own if we want to use it).
> Hmm... the 'Get NeuroDebian' section at neuro.debian.net does look nice.

> I don't suppose the code for the backporting system is hosted at a
> particular place that I could take a look at?  Since I am new I probably
> couldn't/shouldn't do much, but I would be interested in taking a look.

NeuroDebian members usually are reading this list but I'm CCing their
list explicitly hereby.  I guess it will be in some public Git repository
which you can clone and enhance.

Kind regards



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