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Re: test the packaging

Hi Andreas,

thanks a lot for your clear explanations.

Yes, I was mixing two hats... before we met, I took care about the debian packaging of OpenFovea.

So, ok, I removed the deb repository from the tarball and also pushed a new revision of OpenFovea (0.1a162).

I have some more questions about the cycles of release. This software is still under hard development and I frequently propose updates (more or less weekly). Is this cycle frequency compatible to DebMed or do you need lower frequency updates (monthly, yearly, ...) ? Do you prefer I push only major revisions to DebMed ? In this latter case, I will still produce deb files for minor updates and will call you only for major updates.

One later question : when new release is coming, is there an automatic scan of the webpage using the "watch" file or do I need to update the version number using the "changelog" file from the svn ?

Thanks a lot for your answers,

Charles Roduit

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