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Re: test the packaging

Hi Charles,

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 12:53:55PM +0200, Charles Roduit wrote:
> Thank you for your advices. It now works well.


> I commited the changes to the repository and followed the steps
> described in "Subversion tips".

Hmmm, I do not know what you mean that you followed these steps.  What I
noted is that you commited *everything* which by chance resided in your
debian/ directory after the build process.  Please note:  We do keep
only those files in SVN which are remaining after a

    make -f debian/rules clean

> What's next ?

The next is to ping this list to ask for a sponsor of your packaging.
The sponsor (any DD of the team who might be able to spend some time)
will have a look into your packaging and will act like

  a) ask you to please enhance this or that or does some changes
     on his own
  b) upload the package to the Debian mirror if it is OK

> Do I have to redo everything described in "Subversion tips" for each
> release or does exist a more automated way ?

Once a package was successfully uploaded we are tagging the release and
the changes for the new release are maintained in trunk. 

Kind regards


PS: I somehow have the feeling that I might have missinterpreted
    your question so please rephrase in case you are not happy about
    my answer.


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