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Re: test the packaging

Hi Charles,

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 04:20:14PM +0200, Charles Roduit wrote:
> I made the modifications and hope it's now ok.

The watch file now fetches version 0.1a161 which is nice.  I also have
seen that you wrote a manpage which is great.  However, you are
including a copy (or it is actually no copy but a fork) of the debian/
directory from our SVN inside this upstream source tarball.  This is
quite unfortunate and we always try to convince upstream maintainers not
to do this.  I'm a bit afraid that you are mixing up two hats you are
wearing. These are:

  1. Upstream maintainers hat
     The upstream maintainer creates upstream code and does not care
     at all about Debian packaging and thus he is not providing any
     debian/ directory (in the same manner as he is not providing any
     RPM packaging stuff etc.)
     If the upstream maintainer might have written a manpage for his
     program he should put this into the main source tree (for instance
     in a doc/ directory or whatever might be appropriate and will
     perhaps picked up by some installation method (in your case setup.py
     on any random operating system).
     Because Debian maintainers sometimes write some manpages they
     put these into debian/<package>.1 as kind of a patch.  Once they
     have send it to you as an upstream maintainer you can incorporate
     this patch into your software for the general profit of all users
     even if not using Debian.
     Once you assemble your software into a release you clean up your
     working tree (in your case via `python setup.py clean`) also
     remove the debian/ directory and then you say

       tar -caf <pkg>-<version>.tar.gz <pkg>-<version>/

     which is what you put onto your release web page.

  2. Debian developers hat
     The Debian developer fetches


     from the download site and simply renames it to


     (usually this can be automated by using uscan).
     Than the tarball will be unpacked and after this is done the
     debian/ dir is taken from the team repository (here our SVN) and
     copied into the directory <pkg>-<version>.  If there is some
     remaining debian/ dir this just causes trouble we want to avoid.

     In case the Debian developer has written a not existing manpage
     sends this upstream as an offer to include it for all users.
     (for you it is just switching hats)

I hope thus makes things more clear and does not create more confusion
that I might have caused before.  Please drop me a note if you have
cleaned up the upstream tarball and I will proceed whith checking.

Thanks for your work on this in any case



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