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Re: [MoM] Packaging fis-get

Hi Luis,

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 10:30:54AM -0500, Luis Ibanez wrote:
> Yet one more useful thing
> that I have learned in this exercise       :-)

Working on Debian packaging is constantly enhancing your skills.
You can't prevent learning something. ;-)
> I'm now attempting to replicate this, I'm guessing
> that I missed to set the proper permissions in the
> new directory:
>     /tmp/fis-gtm-initial.XXXXXX/fis-gtm-initial

While I can not really imagine that this is a permission problem because
actually root is running the postinst, but I will try to check this
> To attempt to replicate, I installed "wajig":
>                  apt-get install wajig

I also do not blame wajig for the problem - finally it is wajig which
calls dpkg -i and when I do so I'm running in the same problem as well.
So installing wajig can not harm but will not bring us closer to the
solution of this problem.
> and it finishes successfully.
> I get to also run gtm and check the zversion
> as Bhaskar recommended.
> So I failed to replicate the problem.

I try to check this later (if all else fails when traveling tomorrow
because finally there is no need to be online for this).
>     tar -zxf $FISGTM_ROOT/distribution/$lastversion
> so, it might be that the default permissions used in
> my configuration are different than the ones in your
> system ( would  that make sense ? ).

Does root really care about permissions?
> Would it make sense to do a "chmod 644" that freshly
> created directory just after the tar command ?

I do not think so, but as I said I will test it on my own machine more
> a bit along the lines of what is being done in lines 24-25
> just after creating the temporary directory:
> 24: TMPPOSTINST=`mktemp --directory /tmp/fis-gtm-initial.XXXXXXXX`
> 25: chmod 644 $TMPPOSTINST
> Guidance will be welcomed here...   :-)

Moreover IMHO making the directory non-executable is *definitely*
the wrong solution.

My suggestion would be to verify

   dpkg --remove fis-gtm-initial

as well as

   dpkg --purge fis-gtm-initial

if it cleans up the machine successfully.

Moreover try to follow Bashkars hints about the libicu48 dependency - at
least for me this is a vote for a "Depends: libicu48".

Kind regards



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