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Re: Orange for Debian Med (Was: Help with my Debian package for Orange)


> There is some name space pollution and the tasks page generating job
> just has fetched the description of "the" orange package ...
> So it seems that the package for "your" orange needs to be renamed
> (or you start discussing with the authors of the other orange).

I have renamed source package to python-orange, binary packages to
python-orange and orange-canvas.

> Well, there is other scientific software that is managing some kind
> of release management.  What exactly makes your software so specific
> that this should not be possible?  (just provoking :-))

We do not really want to provide support for releases. We just fix it
in trunk and users grab new version.

> This is the first question for trouble and I do not have a sane
> answer for this.

OK. Then I will do it like I am doing it until now:



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