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Orange for Debian Med (Was: Help with my Debian package for Orange)


when lurking on debian-python list I found this conversation.  While
Yaroslav considers Orange as machine learning program (which is true) I
wonder whether somebody would consider this also as a useful tool for
Debian Med biology?


Kind regards


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great to see this effort... a bit busy at the moment, so just will ask
for now -- is it "lintian-free" (i.e. if you run lintian -- are there
warnings/errors)?  are they build against up-to-date sid?

as for multiple versions -- what is the Orange's build system?

btw -- we should list it among
care to join the project or commit the entry for the tasks page?

On Thu, 30 Jun 2011, Mitar wrote:
> I have made a Debian package for Orange:

> http://orange.biolab.si/

> The idea is that we have a daily snapshot packaged as Debian package.

> You can get it here (also source package):

> http://orange.biolab.si/debian/

> As it is mine first Debian package I would be glad to hear your comments.

> I would also have a question, this Python module is also using
> compiled C code, how can I make this compiled modules be available to
> all Python versions installed on the user's system? Currently, it is
> compiled only for 2.6 and so this module can be used only in that
> Python version on the system.

> Also, how could be those packages be included among official Debian
> packages, probably once we release 2.5 version.

> Mitar
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