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Re: Using DDTP translations

On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, David Paleino wrote:

I know some Ubuntuers, but they literally tell me (joking) "Well, aunt Debian
does all the effort for us! Thanks aunt! :)". And they're not really
"developers" (in the widest meaning you can give to this word).

Well, for a package translation it is sometimes very useful if you are
on a pure users point of view - this is just the target audience the
translations are targeting and thus they are really welcome for doing
translation work.

This is better than leaving those strings in English; I'd probably try something
like that.

You obviousely did so. :)

Maybe you missed the icons on ddtp.php? :)

Yes I missed these - thanks for the hint.
It is even more interesting that the icon works but not the link on
the page with the descriptions.  But I think I found the reason:
The icon links to


But on the description page of blast it is linked to


(package name and language are mixed up.)

BTW, Spanish and Japanese are also a languages that tend to have a lot of
translation available if I'm not missleaded.

   1. A web interface that enables translation (Grisu, do we just have
      this or is ddtp only working with mail interface).  I remember that
      we talked at DebConf about such a functionality but I do not remember
      the outcome and I just lost track of the status quo of DDTP - sorry
      for my ignorance.

That's just ddtss2 AFAICT.

This is fine.

   2. Generate a DDTP e-mail that could be send to the vistor to ask him
      for translation.  You need to open a window asking for visitors
      e-mail adress and explain what he has to do once he is reciving the

Well, no. A guy sent me an email asking if translations were anonymous; I
answered yes, and he started translating. He was pt_BR, AFAICR(emember)

OK, one interface is fine.

I hope all this can be easily used by other CDDs :)

Me too.  I'm very happy that we are now one step nearer to replace our
pages like


etc. by dynamically created pages.  I just told you about my "wishlist
bug" to mark the official packages / inofficial packages / prospective
software projects without packages by the color scheme we had choosen
(or something similar according to your personal taste - feel free to
change something if you think it would be needed).

Regarding to the idea of reproducing our static pages above I would
suggest to have a new link (for instance "Packaging status" as a short
cut for the headline "Packaging status and prospective packages")
and the task files to build separate pages (there are just to many
projects in some sections).  What do you think about this.

I also have one more hint for the left side menu of
The "information" box on top is OK.  But I would rather like it if
pages would be over developers because IMHO you tend to click on those
pages-links much more often than you would follow a link to one
of the developers.

Inside the pages box I think the link "Locales page" is not really
locically placed.  "Bugs page" and "DDTP page" are pointing to pages
that convern the Debian-Med project.  The "Locales page" between these
two rather concerns the translations of this web interface and thus is
rather a point of the web page administration (and is as such perhaps
correctly placed below the developers section).  I hope I was able
to express my idea clear enough (I'm afraid it is a little bit hard
to understand - feel free to ask for clarification).

Kind regards and thanks again for your work



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