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Re: LSB 3.0 and who's doing what?

Dave Neil writes...

> So what would Debian's opinion be on using the possible suggested work 
> around?

I can't speak for all of Debian obviously, but here's my personal opinion...

I think this work around would only be needed for stable, unstable should be 
able to do 3.0 on it's own (and probably 2.0 at the same time). LSB 
certification needs to be for a clearly defined release. I think the work 
around packages could be constructed and made available at an alternate apt 
source, but I suspect that the stable release managers might object to adding 
them to a point release. But since it shouldn't break any existing ABI (since 
it's only adding stuff) maybe it would be ok. I guess we'd have to ask.

Also it might be possible to certify "Debian 3.1 plus LSB 3.0 compatibility 
extension" or something like that, but I think that is suboptimal.

> It definitely might help us all focus on one set of problems 
> (LSB3), and come up with solutions that would benefit all the distros 
> built ontop or around Debian Sarge.

The distros that build on top of sarge could ship those packages and certify 
their releases.

Matt Taggart

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