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Re: An issue in sid - Re: Broken iso live images on debian sid

On 08/10/12 10:17 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> Thank you. It is the most important hint for me. It is just a current
> *unsolved* issue in sid.

Unfortunately, the next time something breaks in sid, it will break
again, possibly in some other way. Users of sid are expected to be able
to cope on their own with such frequent breakages. As indicated in that
mailing list thread, there *is* an easy way around this issue in sid, so
no waiting is needed. Just use the workaround.

> I create wheezy images on wheezy and it works as expected.
> Due to limited time resources I will probably wait for the solution of
> the sid issue and try to build new live images somewhere later.

Or you could just use the workaround. It does not take more than a
couple of minutes to read, understand and use it. Or you could do what
I've been saying all along which is to use APT pinning and mix in live-*
packages into your config, which is also very easy and explained
step-by-step in live-manual.

> Thank you very much for your help and patience Ben.

You're welcome. I cannot stress enough, though, that if using sid causes
you such grief you should not build sid.


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