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Re: Broken iso live images on debian sid

On 07/10/12 05:34 PM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> I did (see the line below). I created few times live images with
> different config files but no one worked.

Wheezy + live-* packages from sid has always worked well for me. So I
assume some user error, but it's not clear to me exactly what yet. I
just now built a minimal 'lb config --distribution sid' build and it
worked fine (i.e. icluded sid packages, not wheezy).

> lb config noauto --clean --mode debian --bootloader syslinux
> --architectures amd64 *--distribution sid* --binary-images iso-hybrid
> --chroot-filesystem squashfs "${@}"

Please attach a copy of the exact auto/config used to generate the build
log you posted.

> I will check again the APT pinning section of manual. Till last "bigger"
> changes in 3.x I didn't have any problems to build sid on sid and I
> didn't need any APT pinning.

I didn't say you need APT pinning to build sid on sid. I said if you
only wanted sid so you could include live-* images, it is better to
build a wheezy image and include live-* from sid.

If you changed an option affecting bootstrap (e.g. --distribution)
between builds, did you 'lb clean --purge' before the next build?


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