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Re: Initial "lb config" and "lb clean --purge"

On 08/10/12 10:02 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> If you start from "scratch" running of "lb config" will create on sid
> the directory structure with "empty" auto/ and default settings in config/

You are mixing two topics. I suggested starting from scratch to simplify
debugging, but with respect to debugging your configuration, I of course
read what you wrote about what was in it. You stated you are using "git
clone git://live-systems.org/git/debian-lxde-desktop.git" which includes
auto, so of course my instructions are based on your *stated* config.
(And in fact, you don't need to do it that way. live-manual tells you
how to do it properly, using 'lb config --config

> It is confusing for newcomers. They do "lb clean --purge" but it doesn't
> really remove config files from config/.

Not if you read the chapter explaining how auto works. You are not a
newcomer, so I assumed you had. Do we need to review this now? I tend to
adjust my answers to the assumed knowledge level of the user I am
helping. Please let me know if I should "reset" my expectations to zero
when responding to you.

> I guess, that it would save a
> lot of questions on the list if initial "lb config" would create config,
> clean and build scripts in auto/.

No, because automatically populating auto means that if you 'lb config'
with other options, it does not end up changing your config, which is
counter-intuitive. That's bad default behaviour, and a real nuisance for
"one-off" builds. We already spent some time investigating this and
decided we are better off leaving it the way it is.

Also, with respect to writing auto with the 'lb config' parameters,
which would solve this issue, technically it is difficult to generate
auto/* with the initial parameters specified to 'lb config' because the
shell interprets all of your quotes, leaving the arguments to options
unquoted, breaking your config. Thus you would need a more complicated
option parser that treats every option separately and re-quotes all
options with multiple values. A real PITA. I think the default behaviour
that auto is left empty and a really good chapter (chapter 6) on how
auto works in live-manual addresses all other concerns. There really is
no substitute for reading the docs.


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