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Re: Broken iso live images on debian sid

On 08/10/12 08:44 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> Just for testing I have set all values to "sid" however it didn't solve
> the issue with broken iso live image for sid.

I asked for you to attach your config for a reason. I thought perhaps I
might see some detail that might be lost by your mail program mucking
with the formatting. In any case, you do not need to set any --parent-*
options unless you're making a derivative (which you are not). Nor do
you need to set the installer distribution. Setting additional options
like this when you're trying to debug only muddies up the
troubleshooting process. You want to *simplify*, not make things more
complex. That's why my test was with the simplest possible config first.

> When I don't set the value of these options to "sid" there are "wheezy"
> entries in binary.log.

Am I to imply that when you do set these extra options to sid there are
"sid" entries in binary.log? Please be precise and state in the
positive: "I do this" / "I expect this" / "I see this instead" types of
statements, otherwise it's quite confusing.

> linux: 3.2.30-1

See elsewhere in the debian-live list archives for this month about the
sid kernel metapackage being out of sync with the actual kernel and what
to do about it.

Please also heed my earlier advice: "if all you wanted was live-* from
sid ..."

> Further booting of such sid image still ends on (initramfs) prompt. The
> *error message* I can see during the boot is:
> *modprobe: module unknown not found in modules.dep*

I don't think building sid is for you. You seem to have lots of problems
with it and have not been tracking our discussions about how to fix
those issues. Please try building wheezy + live-* from sid as per the


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