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An issue in sid - Re: Broken iso live images on debian sid

Am 08.10.2012 13:58, schrieb Ben Armstrong:
On 08/10/12 08:44 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
linux: 3.2.30-1
See elsewhere in the debian-live list archives for this month about the
sid kernel metapackage being out of sync with the actual kernel and what
to do about it.
Thank you. It is the most important hint for me. It is just a current *unsolved* issue in sid.

Please also heed my earlier advice: "if all you wanted was live-* from
sid ..."

Further booting of such sid image still ends on (initramfs) prompt. The
*error message* I can see during the boot is:
*modprobe: module unknown not found in modules.dep*
I don't think building sid is for you. You seem to have lots of problems
with it and have not been tracking our discussions about how to fix
those issues. Please try building wheezy + live-* from sid as per the
I create wheezy images on wheezy and it works as expected.
Due to limited time resources I will probably wait for the solution of the sid issue and try to build new live images somewhere later.

Thank you very much for your help and patience Ben.

regards, Mark



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