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Re: Why are the Squeeze images so much larger?

On 02/10/2011 10:56 AM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> If "most people" would be happy with this, why isn't it an option in the
> standard installer? I'm afraid of creating a whole class of users who
> have broken X, Y or Z by default because they installed from a CD-sized
> live image. I'm not sure I want to deal with that support problem.

as much as i don't like to redirect people knowing we could
theoretically fix the problem ourself, but history has shown that the
decision to limit the default images strictly to what tasksel does
wasn't so bad after all.

from a technical point of view, it's a nice way to draw a line. we don't
have infinite servers to keep up with building images. if we would
support a multitude of different gnome, kde, etc. flavours (like,
gnome-{full,minimal}-{with,without}-ooo etc)., we would need massive
more buildd power (at release times, for snapshots etc.).

from a practical point of view, more flavours would probably
unsupportable with the current debian-live team, we would need a bunch
of people helping out.

from a project point of view, it's a nice coincidence that the
debian-installer 'flavours' are matching exactely with the debian-live
ones, so that users can exactely see/use what they would get when they
install it (with regular d-i install media).

so, cutting things short, i dont' see much reason to revisite the
decision for the default images. if you want us to change the default
builds, get the changes into tasksel first.

if you want to create your own image, we of course try to assist you as
good as we can to make your life easier in achieving that.


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