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Re: Why are the Squeeze images so much larger?

On 02/08/2011 11:49 AM, Phil Calvert wrote:
> I see that, with the sole exception of the rescue image, they are too large to fit on a CD-ROM. I am wondering why they are so much bigger.

debian live desktop images consist of the packages selected by the
respective desktop task from tasksel. this is the exact same selection
that you'll get when you install from a regular installer image and
choose the same desktop task.

the idea here is that the default live images should reflect the exact
same that you would get if you would do a default installation, hence
the live images surfe (amonst others) the purpose of giving users an
idea about the system they would get if they choose one of the default
desktop tasks.

since squeeze, these tasks has grown larger and the resulting system do
not fit anymore to a cd media.

the debian-live team decided to not pursue the task of manually
maintaining a package selection stripped down to cd type size as this is
quite a huge task and we currently don't have manpower for that. also,
we believe, that it's not really worth for the future, as dvd drivers
are relatively omnipresent already anyway.

see the respective ml treads on this list and on debian-devel (regarding
general observation that default squeeze desktop tasks has grown bigger).

if you need a cd sized image, you can always build one yourself, see the
live-manual at http://live.debian.net/manual/ for more information.


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