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Re: Why are the Squeeze images so much larger?


Ben Armstrong wrote (08 Feb 2011 12:26:43 GMT) :
> In conclusion, I'm not at this time interested in spearheading such
> an optimization effort, but as I said, I would welcome additions
> into the Examples section of the manual, provided the example is
> carefully thought out.

We T(A)ILS developers have decided to try to stick to regular CD
(700MB) images for the time we build against Squeeze. This is likely
to be a bit hard.

Here are some tricks we've started to use:

  - disable APT recommends, as others have mentionned
  - remove some unwanted files at build time (changelogs, some huge
    -> see config/chroot_local-hooks/98-remove_unwanted_files
       in our Git repository [1]
  - deinstall some unwanted packages at build time (mostly some new
    gnome-core dependencies, and thus gnome-core itself)
    -> see config/chroot_local-hooks/98-remove_unwanted_packages
       in our Git repository [1]

I am conscious most of these tricks are pretty ad-hoc and shall not go
into the manual as Debian Live aims at building systems with
unmodified Debian packages. But still, they might be useful for some
so I thought they would be worth mentionning.

We are also hoping SquashFS LZMA compression support will eventually
make its way into the mainline Linux kernel so that we -and all Debian
Live users- can benefit of it.

[1] http://git.immerda.ch/?p=amnesia.git;a=tree;f=config/chroot_local-hooks;hb=refs/heads/devel

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