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Discussing legal issues of a code base, before official procedure (was: "Use as you wish" license)

Roberto <roberto@zenvoid.org> writes:

> Some advisory is valuable for me just before I choose to include such
> files in my project.

Thank you, that is indeed one of the main benefits of discussing the
issue in this forum.

> I have not found any previous discussion about those licenses so
> asking here seem to be the right thing to do, if that is not the case,
> can you please point me the correct steps, should I ask ftpmasters
> directly or there is another mailing list you think more appropiate?

The FTP Masters are, as you point out, only human; and they have a
severe shortage of time. They are not able to commit to answering direct
enquiries about proposed packages.

That's why this forum is useful: We are volunteers who can discuss a
proposed code base *before* the FTP Masters need to spend any time on
it, and then the discussion is archived for them to refer to if the
package eventually is submitted for inclusion in Debian.

So consider this a kind of “peer review before publication”, where there
are no authorities and no official decrees, but only a robust discussion
by interested parties. It's one way to find problems before they go too

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