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Re: "Use as you wish" license

On Tue, Jul 05, 2016 at 05:45:59PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> This mailing list is purely advisory (if that, even), and has no
> formal decisionmaking status.  The actual decisions are made and
> implemented by the ftpmasters.

Some advisory is valuable for me just before I choose to include such
files in my project.

> If the ftpmasters have accepted this kind of permission statement
> before, so many times, then I think we can draw the conclusion that
> they are happy with it.

I would like to accept that conclusion too, but from previous experience
I know it's not always the case (ftpmasters are human too). People tend
to blindly accept that everything is OK if entered Debian before, and
hence mistakes are never fixed and takes a lot of work to stop the
inertia, your answer is a clear example.

I hope you did not feel cheated for my omision, but I would have missed
your first answer which was truly useful. Next time I won't say that
I've searched the source archive :P

I have not found any previous discussion about those licenses so asking
here seem to be the right thing to do, if that is not the case, can you
please point me the correct steps, should I ask ftpmasters directly or
there is another mailing list you think more appropiate?

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