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dvbackup package


I am doing a QA for dvbackup[0]. It is an old package,
but does not has a repository, so I will copy/paste.

[0] - https://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dvbackup.html

Files: logo.xcf
Copyright: Larry Ewing <lewing@isc.tamu.edu>
 Permission to use and/or modify this image is granted provided with
 acknowledgement of Larry Ewing <lewing@isc.tamu.edu> and The GIMP.

Declared 'use and/or modify' only.

The files do not have an author field or something like
that. You only know that Gimp was used. It is a Tux logo.

I do not think this is problem because of Gimp and the
Tux logo, but shouldn't licenses be more clear and declare
'free distribution' in an explicit way ?

-- Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto (hpfn)

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