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Re: Generating VST headers

En/na Free Ekanayaka ha escrit:
>   JSP> Have you thought about packaging an installer?
> No, but sounds as a good idea to me. What would the install do exactly
> in your opinion?

When configuring, the user must accept Steinberg's license. This is an
online process. I'd try to parse the license page which currently is:

The user accepts and you follow the I AGREE (2.4) link, download
whatever is beyond, compile and install in a proper location.
The user MUST have the option to disagree. In that case, a "this won't
work" notice would be displayed.

Bear in mind that this process is likely to break. I'd add some backup
methods like "steinberg->company->3rd party" navigation to get the
updated link. Once your package hits stable your only resort will be


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