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Re: PHP License for PHP Group packages

On 10553 March 1977, Charles Fry wrote:

> Once again, I repeat my claim: that the 3.01 version of the PHP License
> is equally fit for licensing PHP itself and PHP Group software. This
> claim has been upheld over months of sporadic discussion on the matter
> at debian-legal.

So lets look at that license, not only for "allow php group to use it in
Debian", but also for others who made the mistake to use this license.

Point 4 of it, as already pointed out by Don, is broken. Yes, there is
other software with a similar problem, but that doesnt mean it shouldnt
get fixed too. Drop the "nor may PHP appear anywhere in its name" part
to make it better, thats the real bad thing in it.

Point 5 the last sentence is bad.

Point 6 is broken for anything !PHP.

is also wrong for anything which is not from the PHP Team.

The whole part after the last ----- line is also useless for nearly
anything out there, but except the first sentence they dont matter.
I dont think the php group really wants to take the blame for all the
bullshit people may produce, using one of those php licenses.

IMO not ok for PEAR, any random phpFOO, but of course still ok for php

bye Joerg
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